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2015 Lowrider of the Year 1958 Impala
Jun 09, 2016

Chris Roark has been building lowriders for many years and when he has a vision requiring fiberglass fabrication he calls on the team at Audio Xperts for assitance. For this project Chris had a vision of the elaborate paint graphics on the door would wrap around the door jamb and continue onto the door. This required a solid door panel with no fabric or leather. So we came up with a solid plan of action to create one piece door panels that would give Chris a solid base to work with and the results were amazing! 






So, of course the rear side panels had to match what was going on up front so we took a normally three piece factory rear side panel assembly and made it a one piece fiberglass panel that would also be painted with the same graphics as the outside of the vehicle. The graphics, like the front doors, would follow onto the the rear side door jam and into the rear side panels. Another one off design element that makes Chris one of the most creative and unique car builders. 







Don't even think Chris was done yet! His next design idea was a hard convertible top boot that would again allow the paint scheme to transfer and continue down to the trunk. It has never been done so we were excited to take on the challenge and deliver Chris another game changing custom element for his masterpiece. Chris's attention to detail is what sets him apart from other car builders in the lowrider community. That is why he is a mulitple winner of the coveted Lowrider of the Year award an honor given out once a year at the Super Show in Las Vegas and won again by Chris with his Perfect Score 1958 Chevy                                                                                                    Impala convertible at the 2015 Super Show! Congratulation Chris!

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